Test Automation

Our dedicated test automation engineers use their experience in automated UI, API, performance testing with only trusted test automation tools empowering businesses to accelerate releases while increasing regression testing coverage and finding more defects before production.

About Test Automation

Test automation services include implementation of a wide set of testing and around-testing components – from test automation planning and tool selection to the construction and maintenance of a test automation environment, implementation of automated test data preparation, design and maintenance of all types of automated test scripts and more.

What Do We Do?

Taking The Developer Centric Testing Approach

Test Job Development

Taking into account software requirements, development, QA and deployment processes, we build a holistic test automation strategy or an entire test strategy with test automation road map as its core.

User Action Testing

We plan and design test cases, write and maintain scripts for robust and reliable automated checks of new features and regression testing via UI.

Automation Environment

We prepare the right test environment to smoothly run test cases for all targeted platforms, devices and browsers and ensure appropriate resource monitoring.

Test Data Analysis

Data analysis tests assess your analyse, understand, and draw meaningful conclusions from high-level quantitative data.

Our Service Features

We are experts in everything related to automation and testing

Expertly designed job testing Workflow.
Reusable test jobs.
API development and testing.
Testing data collection and management.

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