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End-to-end customization, consulting, integration and Alfresco development services.

Alfresco Activiti And BPM

Activiti is an open-source workflow engine written in Java that can execute business processes described in BPM. Activiti is the foundation for Alfresco’s Alfresco Process Services (APS) and Alfresco is the Activiti project’s leading sponsor.

Alfresco One And Community

Alfresco Enterprise Edition is best suited for organizations that need enterprise-grade platform features related to scalability, performance, high availability, enterprise administration, and proprietary integrations.

Alfresco Integration

Alfresco provides many programmatic ways to access the content management capabilities of the system to support applications that need access to content services.

Why Alfresco Development Company?

‘Coz an Alfresco development company enables you to manage content on Cloud.

We offer enterprise ready highly flexible content management.
We make Alfresco integration fast, simple, and secure.
We simplify document management and workflow management.

Main Features

Alfresco Customization

You can make basic configuration updates to customize Alfresco Content Services, or modify properties files to apply configuration changes.

Alfresco Integration

Alfresco supports a number of standards-based protocols; applications and application development environments can use existing tools to access, update, and search Alfresco content.

Alfresco Migration Services

Alfresco Migration Service tackle by delivering efficient tools, processes and services in a simple consumable form which means that organizations can migrate with maximum speed, minimal risk and excellent cost efficiency.

Alfresco Mobile Solutions

Alfresco Mobile is a free mobile document management app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, which enables you to view all your content stored in your Alfresco on-premise or Alfresco in the cloud account.

Alfresco Workflow Development

Alfresco Content Services comes with a set of predefined workflow definitions which can be used right out of the box.

Alfresco Activiti Development

The Share Connector enables you to start and run Alfresco Process Services processes, and tasks in an Alfresco Share environment. You can create process definitions in Alfresco Process Services, and deploy them to Share.

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