Knockout the exquisite Javascript library

Knockout is a Javascript library that aids you to create responsive and rich display with a comparatively cleaner underlying data model.


Knockout JS is a well-known JavaScript library that is used for binding HTML elements with any data model. Knockout JS also offers the implementation of MVVM Model-View-View-Model design for JavaScript. Our professional preference after a couple of years experience is to use lower-level frameworks like KnockoutJS which doesn’t want to tell you how to build your application, just gives you help in that. Of course, I’m not telling here that those nowadays more trendy robust frameworks like Angular are bad in any sense, it’s really just a personal preference.


What is so Lucrative about knockout.js ?
Built-in Templating

Knockout.js provides DOM-based templating and by default uses HTML. But, it also supports other string-based templating.

Declarative Bindings

A simple and obvious way to connect parts. Construct a complex dynamic UIs easily using arbitrarily nested binding contexts.

Dependency Tracking

Knockout.js automatically tracks dependencies and updates the right parts of the user interface of an application.

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