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There is Technology behind every Creativity…
and Creativity behind every Technology!!

All About Creative

Creatives get various demands and design requests from clients, but there’s this exact same request hidden in all of it: “Solve my problem.” In this article, Douglas Davis explains the need to explore the words behind the pictures and discusses the business objectives involved in creative problem solving. Your creative strategy provides the guiding principles for copywriters and art directors who are assigned to develop the advertisement.

How Do We Do It?

Some stumble upon creativity by chance, rest look for inspiration by thoroughly analyzing user requirements.

Technology that Helps

Technology has taken us from using pens and paper, to working on computers.

Planning and Storyboarding

Creating a storyboard might just sound like an extra step in the process of making a design.

Resource Planning

The list might seem daunting and endless, but it doesn’t have to cost you the earth.

Market Analysis

Analysis provides sources for trends and statistics, market research, & financial ratios.

Key Features of Creative Strategy Services

Road from idea to profit is not short, but we help you find the shortest route.

Technology Centric

The difficulties that an Organization could face on technology related issues due to its adoption of e-Commerce practice.

Data Driven

Progress in an activity is compelled by data, rather than by intuition or by personal experience.

Clear Project Phases

At the root of any successful project is a project manager (PM) worth his or her weight in gold.

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At Discover-I-Tech we are a complete digital marketing agency offering design, development and internet marketing services to all the businesses. We build your complete presence with Website and mobile app design, CRM Integrations, email setup, Search engine optimization, and complete digital marketing services.

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