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Marketing and Maintenance Your Website

Your website is an fundamental tool in your marketing strategy. It helps new customers find you and advertises what you can offer. You can use it to keep existing customers informed, improve your customer care and offer online sales through an ecommerce website. It grasp consumers and businesses nationally and internationally – and it can do all of this very cost-effectively.

Marketing Your Website

Before developing your website, you’ll need a clear idea of who you are trying to reach and what you want to achieve. Many businesses see their website largely as a way to attract new customers.

To get maximum exposure, you’ll need to promote your company website on search engines such as Google. Search engine optimisation (SEO) can help to get your website to the top of natural searches. You can also use online advertising to drive traffic to your site. An appropriate and memorable domain name is an essential starting point to help customers find you.

Website design and content

The design of your website should reflect your business image and brand identity. A cheap, do-it-yourself approach is unlikely to give a good impression. But composite design and technologies are only worthwhile if these suit your image and help your website fulfil your goals. Above all, your customers must be able to find what they need quickly – via clearly laid-out information and straightforward navigation.

Maintaining your company website

Building and launching your website is just the start. You then right to make sure that it works properly and is regularly updated. Out-of-date content, slow page loading and technical hitches are deeply frustrating for visitors and they will simply click away.

Selecting the right internet service provider (ISP) to host your company website will ensure your website performs. You should also respond to customer enquiries promptly. If you don’t have the time to do this, pay someone else to do it.

Why Your Site Needs Maintenance

Few site owners assume all they have to do is add new content to their site and they’re done.

It’s not nearly as simple as that. To keep a site running smoothly, you need monitored maintenance to take care of all the behind the scenes tasks.

You might assume you can do it yourself until you discover how much work it is. That’s when you realize you don’t just need a website, but a website maintenance services company too.

Handling Security

Every website needs real time security monitoring and protection. This includes a firewall, malware, hack detection and of course, fixing any problems that might exist. Even with updated software, hackers might still manage to find their way in. The best way to fight this is by having regular monitored maintenance. The sooner the hack is found, the sooner you can fix the issue and have a more secure website.

Website Updates

Sometimes you just need to update your websites content to be more relevant, or maybe make sure your businesses information is correct. Other times you need to add new features, change prices, or showcase a new service. No matter what your needs are, we can update your website quickly and simply


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