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How to hit top spot on Google

The basics of SEO for Google

Google search the better and best content for an internet user in any given situation. So the first step to getting ranked on Google is to forget about Google and focus on the user.

“Ask yourself: would my customers find this interesting? Is it better than information elsewhere?” explains Denis Butler, web analytics manager at Atom Content Marketing which publishes the Donut websites.

Google search results

Go for quality

Like most people, Google prioritises the quality of content over the quantity. The Google Panda algorithm is able to filter out poor or low quality information as well as sites that contain duplicate content. Content that is designed exactly for the sake of keyword stuffing and affiliate links has also been penalised by the Panda updates.

Build links gradually

When determining how to rank your website, Google examines which sites link to it. This ‘link juice’ is important.

There first and keep doing it

SEO is an ongoing job, although it needn’t consume a vast amount of your time. “Set aside half an hour a week and plan how to use that time in advance,” advises Danielle.

“You could spend 30 minutes scheduling posts on your social media accounts or writing a blog for your website. A little time spent seeking out new opportunities will have a positive impact on your search engine presence.”

Ranking in Search Engines

The terms and conditions Google lay down in their webmaster guidelines documents clearly indicate that if you try to manipulate your rankings in ways Google disapproves of they will penalise your site or poor, remove it perfectly from its ‘index of the web’ (and sometimes for a long time).

Google disapproves of a LOT of, if not MOST old SEO tactics in 2017 and comes down hard when it detects ‘deceptive’ practices.

Best UK SEO company rankings for 2017 - Hobo Web is ranked number 1

Top Ranking In Google So Valuable

Traffic! Sales! Money! Profit!

A number 1 ranking in Google still:

  • Invite & share of visitor clicks and gets
  • a lot more clicks than no2 position, and
  • vastly more clicks than the other 8 listings in the SERP

That’s determining your search engine results page (SERP) snippet is as “clickables” and ‘relevant’ as the competing pages’ snippets for that search query. This is really important in 2017 – as is the quality of the page your unpaid visitor lands on.

  • Free / Natural / Organic Listings
    • Organic Listings (including featured snippets)
    • Local Listings
    • News
    • Video
    • Maps
    • Places
    • Blogs
    • Images
    • Social Updates
  • Sponsored / Advertising links / Shopping results

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the procedure of making pages ‘as compatible as they can be” for search engines to believe they are valuable enough to be considered for top rankings for as many key phrases as possible in organic or natural listings.

ou searched for ‘how to get to number 1 on Google’ and I hope this article has shed some light on this – at least you know you should be asking:

  • how to obtain to no1 in Google organic listings?
  • how do I obtain a featured snippet?
  • how to obtain to no1 on sponsored listings in Google?
  • how to obtain your site number 1 on Google news?
  • obtain number 1 listing on Google maps results?
  • how to take number 1 on Google video results?
  • how to take to number 1 in Google image search?
  • how to take number 1 in Google shopping comparison?
  • how to obtain website 1 in Google blog search?
  • how can i obtain a site to number in Google updates?
  • how to make get #:1 on Google business
  • Optimise for ‘near me’ search queries

This points essentially to mobile as being the key driver for local search, and how essentially you should be optimizing for correctly that.

micro moments

Optimise for natural language and voice search


Discover How to be the #1 Spot on Google

Hey. I’m Joel. I’ve been creating websites since 2001.  Over the years, my clients would always ask me to “get them to the top position of Google” for a search related to their business. & even though I’ve successfully make hundreds of clients to the #1 spot of Google, there’s something important to keep in mind. Take your web site to the top spot of the Google is always possible, but no one can guarantee it.

How Well You Rank on Google based on fallowing Things:

  • If each page of your website has been optimized for search engines
  • If pages of your website has the right quality and quantity of text
  • If your website has quality links pointing to it from other sites
  • The age of your website

Optimized for Google.  By this I mean that an internet marketer has researched the keywords that are most important to you.  If you own a construction company in Los Angeles, those keywords might include “Los Angeles construction company.”  But an experienced web marketer would also know to optimize different pages of your website for more detailed searches, such as “patio builder in Los Angeles.”


Are you wondering how to rank your Google Maps/Places/My Business page? Great, we get asked this question a lot.


Google My Business Pages

These types of search results are showing for just about every local search term. If you find a product or service and your city name, you’ll see Google Places/My Business pages with the map showing where they’re located. These search results are the exact same if someone were to search for businesses via Google maps.

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